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Here at WrapUK, we know that the vast majority of our commercial clients, whether large firms with fleets of vans and trucks or small businesses looking to add promotional decals and branding to their vans, have three main priorities.

They’re after professional, high-impact van wraps, in the quickest possible time to minimise the days their vehicle is off the road, and to ensure they get the best value for money. Step forward fast van wraps, which meet every objective and offer unparalleled value.

Our newest van wrapping technique, also called modular wrapping, is an excellent solution if you need to rebrand your van or create stand-out mobile advertising. Using 3D laser scanning equipment and the latest in digital van wrap software, we can produce 100% precision wraps with a time and cost saving of as much as 40% to 50%.

Exploring the Latest Innovations in Quick-Turnaround Vehicle Wrapping

Rebranding your commercial vehicle wraps is an essential task if you’ve recently updated your company’s logo, website or contact details or have a promotional service or product you’d like to advertise to a wide customer demographic.

For most businesses, the company vehicle rebranding process involves these steps:

  1. Removing previous van wraps
  2. Cleaning and preparing the vehicle panels
  3. Creating the new vinyl wrap ready for application
  4. Installing the fresh vinyl wrap and finishing

While a conventional van wrap is considerably faster than any other method of vehicle customisation, it may mean leaving a van off the road for a few days or scheduling your rebrands carefully to ensure you don’t see a drop in capacity or end up missing deliveries.

Fast van wraps are a fantastic alternative. We can install new graphics and branding or full wraps to a commercial vehicle of any size, leveraging innovative 3D laser scanning tech which enables us to create custom wraps quickly, and without needing to dismantle any of the panels or components to achieve a seamless fit.

Using our years of expertise in high-quality vinyl wrapping, we’ll consult with you on the design, graphics, colours or branding you want, finalise the digital files in advance, and then book a convenient day to rebrand your vehicle – with many projects taking just one day, start to finish.

Differences Between a Conventional Van Wrap and Fast Van Wraps

The only noticeable difference between modular vehicular wrapping and standard vinyl van wraps is the process we use to design, cut and apply the vinyl panels – the level of specificity over the branding, logos, advertising or promotions you display remains entirely up to you.

Fast van wraps last as long as any high-quality, professionally applied decals for fleet vehicles, with a lifespan usually of around eight years – provided the wrap is kept clean and well maintained. Like every wrap, the precision with which the vinyl is installed is key, ensuring the vinyl material adheres to every contour and panel across your vehicle without any bubbles or overlaps.

Modular van wrapping provides a perfect solution for either individual commercial vans owned by small business clients and sole traders or company fleet vehicles, offering an expedited application time and a cost-effective service with zero compromises on quality.

The 3D scanning system ensures each vinyl panel is pre-cut for each vehicle, which makes it remarkably faster to rebrand, with the option to remove and replace a fast van wrap in the usual way if you’d ever like to make any changes.

WrapUK is, as always, on hand to advise if you’d like to compare different full wrap and partial van wrap options or compare the pricing of vinyl wraps vs. vehicle painting or bodywork resprays.

What Is the Advantage of a Fast One-Day Van Vinyl Wrap?

Clients often note that the most compelling benefit of a fast van wrap is that their vehicle doesn’t need to be off the road for longer than one day, given that each modular van wrapping kit takes up to half the time to apply as a normal vinyl vehicle wrap.

As an overview here are some of the reasons we might recommend a fast, modular van wrap:

  • Your van or company car is wrapped in the quickest possible time, without needing to leave your vehicle with us for more than one or two days at the outside – meaning no costly downtime and no need to cancel deliveries or use a lease company van during your rebrand.
  • Each wrap is custom printed using precision-accuracy software, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vehicle’s bodywork panels and eliminating any time-consuming dismantling.
  • Kits are both faster to fit and more affordable, which means we can meet any commercial vehicle branding needs at an enormously competitive cost, applicable to projects ranging from one vehicle to a whole fleet.

Before you arrive at our workshop, we’ll transfer your designs, logos and graphics to our software, showing the exact vehicle outlines and where each decal, panel or image will be displayed. You can review this in advance to ensure you’re happy with the design, and we’ll cut and laminate the printed panels ready for application.

Once any pre-existing vinyl wrap is removed and the van thoroughly cleaned, we can get right to applying your newly branded wrap – and you’ll be able to drive away once the installation is complete.

Book Your Fast Van Wrap With WrapUK

An eye-catching full-colour van wrap is a brilliant way to maximise brand recognition and advertise your business or service every day as you travel around your usual routes. Professional-grade vinyl is always advisable since it offers a full range of colours and shades, with your choice of font, logos, and lettering to ensure your vehicle stands out.

To learn more about modular van wraps or to get started with the design process, get in touch. WrapUK is headquartered in Chichester, although we serve clients across West Sussex and Hampshire, including Brighton, Crawley, Worthing, Littlehampton, Bognor, Southampton, and Portsmouth.

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