Terms of Service

Vehicle Conditions & Paint

WrapUK requests all customers to deliver vehicles clean, dry (where possible) & free from grease and wax.

Prior to booking/works, paint & bodywork will have been checked and noted, advising of any unsuitable areas and potential issues or risk. These areas must be dealt with prior to works commencing, with both the customer and WrapUK agreeing that these areas are acceptable or accept that highlighted areas will not have any guarantees or warranties for workmanship or material quality.

Areas that have received repair, or are suspected of receiving repair, will not be guaranteed or warranted inline with the film manufacturers warranty statements and WrapUK’s terms and conditions.

If repairs are to be carried out prior to any vehicle wrap work and booking, the paints must be fully cured and out gassed inline with the paint manufacturers technical instructions before any livery/wrap can be applied. WrapUK gives no warranty or guarantee to panels or areas that have received remedial or re-spray/smart repair work undertaken, any aftermarket body kits or fibreglass panels will be exempt from any warranty, due to panel flex and movement.

Any vehicle with additional damage from between the initial consultation, to the booked in date, will be highlighted and pointed out before work commences. Any additional damage needing repair will need to be re-booked but may still be charged.

Vehicles with unsuitable paint or bodywork will need the customer to sign a waiver before any work will commence, ensuring any works or materials by WrapUK are not liable against guarantees or warranties thereafter.

Failure to meet any of the above points or requests may result in the works being cancelled and full charge being applied.

Please note, that WrapUK will not be held responsible for the replacement of vehicle furniture on any vehicle where application requires anything to be removed. Some clips and moldings are not designed for more than one fixing.

WrapUk will also not be held responsible for vehicle badges or parts that need to be removed and/or are damaged during the application process.

While WrapUk will give the best quality of work and materials, it is the customers’ responsibility to maintain the aftercare and appearance of their wrap/livery after handover.

Keeping your vehicle clean and free from dirt will always help maintain the look of your wrap/livery like any painted surface. Please do not use any harsh chemicals with your cleaning process to help prevent any reaction to our materials.

Allow 5 days after the installation of work before washing the vehicle for the first time. Strictly hand -wash the vehicle only. DO NOT USE pressure washers/automatic washers. Ensure you clean your vehicle from the top to bottom, allowing dirt and water to run downwards. Wipe spillages, diesel/petro/bird droppings etc., from the film as quickly as possible.

Although some companies claim to have wrap waxes and polishes, we do not recommend any products 100%. If you intend to use any waxes/polishes, please try on your wrap/livery in a small inconspicuous area first.

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