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Have you ever seen a remarkable set of custom vinyl car wraps whizzing past and thought it’d be a fantastic option for your business but assumed the cost would be sky high? That’s just one of the many myths about car wraps!

Wraps are an effective, affordable way to create something unique and showcase your personality. Let’s run through some of the most common myths and misconceptions, so you can separate fact from fiction.

Myth One: Car Wraps Reduce Driving VisibilityVinyl Car Wraps

A top question for our design team is about legalities and safety.  Sure, if you’ve seen a car with blacked-out windows, it’s not an unreasonable assumption to think the driver can’t see the road too well.

However, it’s not true. Professional car wrap teams can apply a vinyl wrap to windows, but it’s not a solid block of colour. Instead, window wraps have tiny perforations, meaning that the window glass looks tinted but with zero impact on driver vision.

There are a few tips we’d suggest if you’re applying car wraps for the first time and have any concerns about having the proper protections in place:

  • Notify the DVLA of the vehicle modification. In an incident, authorities rely on the DVLA to have current colour records of the cars on the road.
  • Contact your insurer. Some insurance providers consider car wraps a temporary change, but others will reject future insurance claims if you haven’t reported the wrap, so it’s wise to let them know just in case.
  • Keep note of the paintwork underneath. Vinyl wraps can be removed, so you need to inform the police if your car is stolen. Keep a photo of what it looks like ‘naked’, and you’ll be able to help track down a stolen vehicle, even if the criminals have removed the car wrap.

If you’re thinking about an elaborate car wrap design and want to be 100% sure it complies with road safety regulations, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to advise.

Myth Two: Van Wraps Will Damage My Vehicle’s Paintwork

Number two, and a slightly ironic myth, since it’s the opposite of reality. Vinyl wraps DO NOT damage your paintwork.

There is a small caveat here though, and it’s something to be careful of if you’re looking to wrap a new car or considering attempting it yourself – more on that shortly! New paintwork needs time to cure, so it’s never a good idea to fit a set of wraps on a brand new vehicle or a second-hand car you’ve bought without knowing when it was last painted. Cars need about 90 days or three months for paintwork to cure correctly, but an accomplished vinyl wrap team wouldn’t fit a fresh set of vinyl without checking that beforehand.

Otherwise, commercial wraps can extend the lifetime of your paintwork and preserve the vehicle’s finish, leaving it in pristine condition if you come to sell it. Provided you take good care of your vehicles and don’t use abrasive chemical cleaning, a professionally fitted wrap will look perfect for years to come.

Visit our guide on Car Wrap Maintenance for more advice.

Myth Three: Vinyl Wrap is Only for Sports Cars

The beauty of vinyl is that it bends, flexes and fits any flat surface. WrapUK loves this material’s diversity and works on a whole range of projects that have nothing to do with four wheels!

Marine wrapping is a great example, gracing speedboats and superyachts, lifeboats and fishing vessels with limitless designs and styles. Boat wrap options include:

  • Custom graphics
  • Racing stripes
  • Sailing club colours
  • Boat registration codes

You can also opt for wall wraps as an unconventionally striking way to reconfigure your interior aesthetic and make a serious visual impact. Check out a few snippets from our previous wall wrap projects in our Branded Wall Wrap blog.

Myth Four: Commercial Wraps Are Wildly Expensive

You’ve guessed it – simply untrue. Now, a PWF premium wrap in the latest colour-changing, metallic, luminescent glory isn’t going to be a low budget option, true. However, vinyl wraps aren’t reserved for the Maseratis and Ferraris of the world. They’re a hugely popular advertising tool for commercial wraps on lorries for small firms, hauliers, local businesses and larger fleets alike.

WrapUK is an approved installer for several leading vinyl car wrap brands, including Avery, 3M and PWF.  We’ll always recommend the most cost-effective option for your project, such as:

  • Custom vehicle graphics on one panel or selected areas of your bodywork.
  • Van wraps only on the most used vehicles in your fleet to target your spending.
  • Using commercial wraps with excellent signage, so they’re easier to read.

The team here has published lots of information about aligning your wrap project with your budget. Still, it’s always a case of being open to ideas and making the most significant marketing impact you can without spending more than you can afford.

Myth Five: I Can Fit Car Wraps Myself

Last myth, and one that we can’t overstate enough! DIY and home crafts are great. Release your creativity, have fun, and see what unique creations you can come up with. But don’t do it on your car.

Vinyl wrap fitting requires skill, artistry, precision, professional tooling, patience, experience – and it’s never something we’re going to advocate as a project you can blag and still achieve the best quality results.Investing in vinyl wraps does come with a cost, so it’s crucial a pro team carries out any fitting to ensure the finish does justice to the professional materials.

Great car wraps can bring a crazy design to life, with iridescent and matte colour blocks that defy traditional vehicle design. However, mix in some air bubbles, peeling and blistering, and it’s not going to be a good look.

If you have any pressing questions about car wraps we’ve not covered here, or want more information on any of our myth-busting guidance, please get in touch!

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