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The majority of our commercial clients looking for quality van wraps have two key priorities – achieving a high-end finish and completing the wrapping process as quickly as possible. For many businesses, vehicle wraps are a brilliant form of mobile advertising, but getting their vehicles back on the road is essential.

Our brand-new same day van wrap service combines the standards and precision detail we are known for with the ultimate efficiency, returning your freshly wrapped van to you on the same day.

These ultra-efficient modular van wraps utilise the latest innovations in vehicle graphics, achieving the same durable, long-lasting finish but costing a fraction of the budget you’d need to make any alternative modifications to your van’s paintwork.

Modular Same Day Van Wrap Explained

Van wraps are applied using tried and tested techniques and professional equipment – that’s how we create a unique, on-brand vehicle design that showcases your business to myriad potential customers and presents a professional image during every journey.

As specialists in commercial fleet wrapping, and with years of expertise, we continually look for new types of vinyl, visual effects and finishes, and ways to make van wraps faster to complete without compromising on quality or the vivid, bold colours that make a van livery design so impactful.

The issue for many businesses, particularly smaller companies with one vehicle, is that any time spent off the road could affect their revenues, leading many clients to ask for advice about achieving the quickest turnaround or requesting our help with designs for bespoke vehicle wraps far in advance.

WrapUK’s latest offering uses a new, advanced type of vehicle wrap tech and can be used for any van wrapping project, including:

  • Full van wraps
  • Partial wraps applied to individual panels
  • Van decals for doors, side aspects and bonnets
  • Van signwriting

There are no limitations on the size of the van or the number of vehicles you’d like to wrap. We can also schedule van wrapping with custom graphics in stages, ensuring you can always keep some of your fleet on the road.

How long does a modular van wrap take to be applied? We can complete your van wrap within one working day – reducing the time required to a quarter of that needed for a traditional vinyl wrap.

Standard Van Wraps vs One-Day Van Wrapping

If you’re new to van wrapping but recognise that decals and attention-grabbing wraps are a great way to get your company noticed, we can always run through the huge array of styles, from colour change wraps to professional commercial fleet wraps or partial and featured wrap placements to display graphics, promotions and contact details over your fleet’s paintwork.

In short, modular vehicle wrapping works very much the same way as any other wrap. Still, it leverages dynamic 3D laser scanning software, which expedites the time required to print bespoke wraps onto your selected vinyl and tailor the cut panels to the exact sizes, contours and curves of your commercial vehicle.

Importantly, one-day wraps can be applied directly once the bodywork has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared – there is no need to dismantle anything or take the panels away from the main body of the van. This process helps us quickly return your completed van with a fresh, digitally printed wrap.

Does a same-day full van wrap cost more than a normal wrap? No – quite the opposite. The reductions in labour time and the speed at which we can laser print and cut a modular wrap mean you can create eye-catching fleet wraps at a hugely competitive cost, saving around 40% to 50% on the price you might otherwise expect to pay.

Applications for Modular Commercial Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wraps have long been used by organisations of all sizes, from small business clients to large national corporation customers as a cost-effective way to get the company noticed, improve brand recognition and enhance the vehicle’s residual value.

Provided vinyl wrap is applied professionally, the protection against damage to van paintwork caused by surface oils and stone chips is a great way to preserve the original bodywork, with wrapping a seamless process that won’t impact the paint underneath.

Adding modern print technology means we can achieve the same amazing results in minimal time and work with newer or leased vehicles as required. Our suggestion for any business investing in a full digitally printed wrap for any leased vehicles is to verify the hire contract terms with the provider.

While some lease company providers will be happy to approve, since a vinyl wrap, or even partial wraps, can help them achieve a higher vehicle resale value in the future, others will not – best practice is always to check in advance to make sure your lease provider doesn’t object.

Otherwise, owned vans can be wrapped at your discretion, with the entire process requiring just one day off the road.

The Advantages of Professional Vehicle Wrapping Services

WrapUK has years of expertise applying van graphics to vehicles of every size, and we work with clients who might need anything from a partial wrap on a single van to those looking to have higher quantities of vans fully wrapped with their choice of impactful vehicle graphics.

There are few graphic limitations to consider, and we can recommend different eye-catching displays and formatting options for text and fonts to generate an especially attractive feature. Our advisers may even highlight a substantially cheaper option if you’d like a temporary van graphic as a moving local advertisement.

Our modular van graphics last, on average, between five and eight years, are ideal for fleet branding due to the cost-efficiency on offer and provide full customisation with a 3D scanning and pre-cutting system that ensures you will get the perfect vehicle wrap within the quickest possible time frame.

For more information about one-day van wrapping options, the types of van wraps, vinyl and designs that might best suit your business branding and fleet, or to enquire about availability for a modular same day van wrap, please get in touch with WrapUK at any time.

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