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Modular vehicle wraps is the latest method for a fast van wrap. In just one day you can turn your car or van into a vehicle sign for your business, at a fraction of the cost.

By adding your brand and style to your company vehicle using modular wrap you get a fast van wrap and advert for your business in less than a day. 

Using modular vehicle wrap technology, WrapUK can design your van graphics and van decals with sign-writing suitable for any brand, size or number of commercial vans in a quarter of the traditional wrapping time.


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Using the latest 3D laser scanning and sophisticated software, we craft meticulously accurate kits tailored to seamlessly align with your vehicle’s unique curves and contours, eliminating the necessity to dismantle any components. These kits are not only 40-50% more cost-effective than conventional vehicle wraps but also can be installed in a fraction of the time, often a same day van wrap, ensuring your vehicle is road-ready quicker than ever.

With years of van wrapping experience, we have seen every type of fleet van and vehicle, whether it is a single van for an SME or a larger fleet, no job is too small. No with the new modular vehicle wrap technology, we can ensure you are back to work with our super fast van wraps and premium quality.

Contact us for AMAZING VAN WRAP pricing USING modular van wrap TECHNOLOGY and experience a same day van wrap.

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Modular van wraps or modular vehicle wraps will last anything from 5-8 years.

Yes, modular vehicle wraps are ideal for fleet branding as they are much more cost effective and less time with the vehicle off the road, often done same day!

Yes, modular vehicle wraps can be customised with logos, branding and graphics. The wrap can be custom design for the brand, and can include contact information, website, and other details.

Modular vehicle wraps and van wrap installation maximum the impact at a fraction of the cost, plus much less down time with the vehicle off the road. Some modular vehicle wraps are completed same day.

Modular vehicle wraps are a specialised task that requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. It is not a DIY project and should be left to professionals who have the experience and equipment to do the job properly.

It is generally not recommended to wrap a leased van without permission, the wrap will need to be removed when the lease is up. Most lease agreements prohibit any permanent modifications to the vehicle, including wrapping. But this should be discussed with the lease company. This is the same for modular vehicle wraps, though they can be easily removed.

Yes, modular vehicle wraps can be removed very easily, just the same as standard van wraps.

Modular van wraps are 3D scanned pre-cut kits that fit your vehicle precisely without the need for parts removal and recess installation.

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