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Wrap UK has years of experience in creating striking taxi graphics that drive up your business, enable new customers to get in touch, and communicate your key branding directly to a vast audience – every time you hit the road!
Vinyl taxi wraps are an excellent way to turn your vehicle into an advertising billboard that promotes your business, and your services, every hour of the day and every day of the week.

Our vibrant, eye-catching and stimulating taxi graphics are designed to pack a punch and be memorable, with bespoke taxi decal solutions to help you improve your brand awareness and connect with new clients.

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Alongside top quality vinyl taxi wraps, the Wrap UK team offers outstanding signwriting for all manner of commercial vehicles, with custom designs, colours and branding almost guaranteed to get you noticed!
Personalised taxi signage can be used to advertise your contact details in a fast and efficient way – and reach an enormous audience without any ongoing costs! On average, a well-designed and clearly branded taxi can be seen by as many as 3,000 people every single hour, and even more in peak periods!

Therefore, by investing in a cost-effective bespoke taxi sign writing service, you can reach upwards of between eight and sixteen million people – every year.

Most taxi businesses thrive on word of mouth, reputation, and clear advertising that makes a cab easy to recognise, and quick to spot when parked up or on the move. Choosing a high-quality taxi signwriting service means that your vehicles are instantly recognisable and establish your presence as a trusted local business.


Many taxis incorporate sponsorship logos or brands as a way to drive revenue and utilise their presence in and around cities and towns. The issue with such branding is that it can be exorbitantly expensive to have old paintwork removed and updated if you opt for a customised paint job.
Another challenge is that for a taxi driver, time is money – and if you need to keep your cab off the road for extended periods to be painted, it can cause an impact on your business continuity and cash flow.

Vinyl taxi wraps are a modern, efficient solution. They take minimal time to apply, do not leave any permanent mark on the original paintwork of the vehicle, and can be removed and replaced just as quickly if you need to rebrand or wish to sell the car.

Whereas custom paintwork can be detrimental to the commercial value of a taxi, a vinyl taxi wrap protects the integrity of the car underneath. It can be switched out whenever required, or if a vehicle is sold.


Having a tailored vinyl taxi wrap is a great way to create a distinctive brand, and make your cabs highly visible, even on congested roads or when parked in taxi ranks. Vehicle adverts through vinyl wraps are a great way to transform a minicab or taxi from a business asset into an income driver!
Wrap UK is proud to deliver the most efficient possible installation service for your cab wraps, with the style, colour, design and text of your taxi vinyl wrap or customised signage entirely dependent on your branding and style.

As authorised installers of the leading brands of vinyl taxi wrap in the world, Wrap UK can recommend the ideal cab decals to deliver an impact, and offer manufacturers including 3M and Avery.

We recognise that every taxi business is different, so offer a vast range of options depending on the type of decals, graphics or vinyl wrap you would like, and always according to your budget.

With a taxi that delivers instant advertising to thousands of customers, you’re sure to see a return on that investment that will continue to deliver for years to come – with no further outlays required.

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