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At WrapUK, we can create trailer wraps in a variety of options. Our trailer wrap graphics are cool to look at and create an impact that delivers precisely the message you want and bring people to your pitch at any show or event.

The finished product is a high quality, pro design that makes your trailers stand out in a crowd, and we’re delighted to have a perfect track record of satisfied clients!

We can wrap any size of trailer with striking trailer graphics for your brand. This turns your vehicle into an advertising billboard that will promote your company and its services every hour of the day, every day of the week.

Vibrant, eye-catching trailer graphics are a great way to connect with a new customer base, with bespoke trailer decal solutions that engage, connect and entice.

Trailer signwriting and wraps for commercial vehicles is almost a guarantee to get you noticed. We believe on average that a well designed and clearly branded trailer can be seen by over 3,000 people every single hour – that’s a potential advertising opportunity of between eight and sixteen million people, at a fraction of the cost you’d pay through any other marketing medium!

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The Wrap UK team is based in Chichester and works with clients large and small throughout West Sussex and Hampshire. We know that time is money, and when it comes to creating a bespoke brand image for your trailers, the service must minimise the length of time your trailers are off the road.
Vinyl trailer wrap is one of the most cost-effective ways to personalise your trailers and provides a long-term solution that won’t have any permanent impact on the paintwork or integrity of your fleet assets.

One of the top benefits of a trailer wrap is that it is cheaper and significantly faster than a conventional paint job – and protects the original paintwork with zero damage. In fact, a vinyl wrap creates a tough outer layer to deflect the impact of surface spray and chemicals on the road, which can benefit the longevity of your trailers!

Another key advantage is that if you sell a trailer, change your branding, start focusing your business in a new direction or need to make a simple change to your logo or contact details, the process to remove and replace a wrap is just as seamless.



Many clients come to Wrap UK with the drive to customise their trailers and make their branding stand apart from the noise but without a specific idea about how their trailer wrap should look – or where to position essential branding for maximum impact.

The Wrap UK team are experts in commercial trailer wraps and have worked with countless UK businesses. We can advise on the different types of vinyl wrap for trailers and are an authorised installer of the industry’s best brands, giving you a wide range of choice.

Lettering is a crucial part of your trailer wrap. We’ll ensure you benefit from our expertise by placing fundamental aspects of the design where they are most visible, most comfortable to read and use a font and size that is highly visible even when you’re on the move.

With options from leading manufacturers including 3M and Avery, Wrap UK can customise any size or number of trailers; from an individual business trailer for a mobile business to large lorry trailers making up a sizeable commercial fleet.

We work with businesses and private clients throughout the south of the UK, delivering an efficient service that will have your trailers back in action, and proudly displaying your bespoke branding in the shortest time frame possible.

Our teams can even offer onsite services where possible, with mobile technicians available to make our trailer wrapping services as quick and straightforward as possible so that you can get right back to business!

Contact Wrap UK for advice about the ideal vinyl wrap for your trailers, and to discover the endless possibilities available to combine colours, logos, text and graphics that will deliver a trailer that represents your business perfectly, and is ideally tailored to your needs.



Our teams have years of experience in commercial vinyl wrapping and are on hand to advise on the best films for your project, and how to achieve the visual impact you aspire to.
From individual private hire buses to large fleets of transport vehicles, we have the scope and capacity to manage small, intricate jobs and large-scale rebrands and transformations – always delivered efficiently to minimise time off the road, and return your revamped buses as quickly as possible.

Wrap UK provides highly efficient services to maximise your convenience; from on-site wrap services delivered at your premises, to collection and delivery services throughout much of West Sussex and Hampshire available on request.

Get in touch with the team for recommendations on the ideal bus wrap solutions for your business, or visit our portfolios of work to see the quality of finishes on offer, and how contemporary bus vinyl is used to deliver impactful branding, in the shortest time.

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