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A vehicle wrap is a well-established form of business advertising, where attention-grabbing, professional and memorable van graphics makes a standard white van or delivery vehicle a mobile billboard.

Businesses in Crawley have a particularly good opportunity to use their fleets and vehicles for van wrapping to promote their company’s brand, with large volumes of commercial and passenger vehicles passing through the area every day, due to the proximity to the major UK airports, the commuter belt, and Greater London.

High-quality vinyl temporary van wrapping is a great way to present a professional, polished image, ensuring your clients and customers receive the service they expect and neighbouring businesses or potential clients become familiar with your company’s logo and name via your custom design wrap.

Mobile Business Promotion Through Vehicle Branding

Crawley’s location, just under 2.5 miles from the nearest M23 junction, makes it an optimal area to introduce van signage as a promotional exercise, with 120,000 vehicles travelling along the adjacent motorway and link roads every day.

Local businesses that regularly navigate the M25 have even higher exposure to potential clients, where the major routes have daily traffic of around 200,000 drivers or 15% of the motorway traffic throughout the UK.

How effective is commercial vehicle wrapping as an advertising tool? The unique nature of vinyl wraps means you can target your design specifically to the local audience and present your company name directly to your demographic to create a lasting impression.

As many as 47% of adults aged between 18 and 34 can name a local business or brand by recognising their company’s logo, signature colours or graphics used on car wraps, which create a comprehensive brand image that is highly visible and engaging.

While other promotional routes, such as paid online ads, radio features, newspaper adverts and promotional flyers, have an audience that is naturally limited by circulation numbers, or the visibility of a digital ad, a vehicle wrap travels everywhere you do and takes your eye catching advertising with it.

One van wrap makes between 30,000 to 80,000 impressions every working day, amplified to potentially over 100,000 for Crawley businesses, ensuring that even smaller companies with one wrapped vehicle can achieve greater brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

How to Boost Your Crawley Van Wrapping Return on Investment

While a van wrap is proven to be an effective and low-cost way to advertise, it’s also important to work with an expert vehicle wrapping installation specialist to ensure your wrapped commercial vehicle looks the part and has a pristine finish representing your brand in a positive light.

Wrap designs vary significantly, from bold, colourful and dynamic designs to subtle, stylish and luxe-finish vinyl wraps, so you can customise your wrap to meet your objectives and the types of clients or demographics you wish to appeal to most.

The goal of a promotional van wrapping is to improve brand awareness, make your name familiar and trusted, and ultimately improve sales or enquiries, so the design process is just as important as the skill of the wrap installer.

Here are a few fundamental principles we highly recommend all clients consider:

    • Readability: van wraps need to be immediately recognisable and easy to read. If you are sitting in traffic, driving along the motorway, or travelling into an industrial estate, you won’t have time to stop and read long passages of text. The wrap detail should be clear, large enough to view at a distance, and well-spaced without so many elements the design detracts from the message.
    • Contact details: your wrap doesn’t necessarily need to feature a long business name or a list of phone numbers since most drivers won’t be able to safely note these details down or remember them. Instead, use large, bold fonts, and simplify the information, such as your logo and name, or symbols for social media channels where local customers will be able to find you straight away.
    • Clear typefaces: it can be tempting to use thematic fonts, but your text should always be simple, printed with contrasting colours that stand out. Grey on a white background, for instance, can be quickly obscured by rain and dirt, whereas black on white stands out.

It’s also worth thinking about where a driver is most likely to be when they read your van graphics – although the larger panels on the side of a van are a great place to add designs, most vehicles will be sitting behind you, so missing out on this prime advertising spot can be a mistake.

Tracking the Success of Commercial Fleet Wrapping

The value of vinyl wrap as an advertising tool can be difficult to quantify, but here at WrapUK, we appreciate that many West Sussex business clients are keen to understand what sort of return they may stand to make on their van wrap investment.

There are a few strategies you might wish to explore to track and measure the responses you receive:

    • Adding a discount code or incentive, such as ‘Mention This Van for 5% Off!’.
    • Using a different phone number to monitor enquiries received.
    • Putting a ‘how did you find us’ drop down on enquiry forms or checkouts.

Of course, a lot depends on the time and resources you have, but asking your customers how they found your business can be a quick and easy way to try and gauge how many of your sales have originated as a direct result of your vehicle wraps.

Crawley Businesses that Most Benefit from Van Wrapping

Although any commercial business can leverage vinyl wrap to promote their company, there are some sectors and industries that achieve particularly great outcomes by using this promotion route.

Companies that deliver – anything from furniture to food – can multiply their enquiries by using van wrapping, where neighbours, local businesses and commuters can immediately see that the company delivers to their area and is a possible option for them.

Remote and call-out service providers, such as plumbers, cleaning companies, dog sitters and mobile hairdressers, use their vans and vehicles as advertising, promoting their presence in the nearby locale and inviting other customers to get in touch.

Finally, van wraps are highly popular among skilled tradespeople, such as electricians, painters and decorators and contractors, using their vehicles to provide local advertising wherever they happen to be working.

For more information about fleet and car wrapping in Crawley, please contact the vehicle vinyl wrapping specialists at WrapUK at any time.


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