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A coach wrap provide a superb opportunity to enhance brand awareness, displaying your company logo, promotional offers or advertising in a large-scale format. Whether you’d like to take advantage of advertising along major commuter routes, ensure your brand name is well-publicised in your local area, or want a set of coach wraps to match your fleet, the returns are often excellent.

Bus advertising works equally well, where businesses have a captive audience and can showcase their advertising and full-colour bus wrap graphics to huge audiences, with the average delivery van, coach or bus seen by around 16 million viewers a year.

Let’s talk about how to design a set of wraps for double-deck coaches, how much the average coach wrapping project costs, and why large-print commercial wraps are a viable investment in advertising.

How to Use A Coach Wrap to Achieve Better Company Awareness

Like any commercial car wraps or truck advertising, coach wraps are created with professional-quality vinyl that is applied by our skilled technicians, either on-site at our workshop or by our mobile wrap fitting team.

The scale of the bodywork on a coach or bus enables us to deliver fantastic design outcomes, whether you’d like to improve familiarity with your logo and brand name, advertise a specific service or product, or ensure you have as broad an audience as possible for one-off promotional events.

Coach wrapping projects are ideal for private vehicles or public transport buses and coaches and can be used temporarily or long-term. A coach acts as a mobile billboard, displaying your ads and graphics to businesses, drivers and commuters throughout the day and across all the routes covered.

WrapUK can provide advice and assistance when designing these removable vehicle graphics and can offer solutions that match your budget and objectives, such as:

    • Smaller scale, eye-catching vehicle branding
    • Full double-decker coach wrapping projects
    • Temporary fleet graphics for events or launches
    • Complete fleet wrapping for variable vehicles

Businesses have an array of options, using lettering, decals, logos, window vinyl and bodywork advertising to maximise the space available and to ensure the graphics they display are memorable and impossible to ignore!

How A Coach Wrap Delivers High-Profile Advertising

Almost every coach you pass will display some form of advertising, whether the name of the transport provider, an advert for the local bus network or public transport service, or private advertising, often featuring company names and logos, searchable terms and discount codes to incentivise consumers to engage.

The unique difference between coach wrapping and smaller-scale vinyl wraps used on vans and cars is that a coach wrap is on a different scale, allowing you to feature vast logos, bold colours and attractive designs that compel passers-by, coach users and fellow road users to pay attention.

For example, double-deck coaches wrapped across the rear panel can display text, icons, symbols and logos that are far more visible than when printed in a smaller size, using the flexibility of a vinyl wrap to customise the advertising for each vehicle.

Our fitting service is managed by experienced wrap designers who have worked with countless brands, local authorities and private organisations to design powerful, effective coach wrap communications, with this form of advertising used by everybody from local tradespeople to football clubs.

Consistent, on-brand fleet graphics make thousands of impressions every month and help to build familiarity with your company branding – ensuring that when a customer requires your service, you are the first name that springs to mind.

Different Types of Coach Wraps

Coaches are, of course, big vehicles, and you can opt for full vehicle branding to cover all the vehicle panels or a smaller vehicle livery display on the most visible aspect of the coach – normally the side aspect or the rear panel.

Below, we’ve summarised the most popular types of custom-fit advertising for coaches and buses to explain how these placements work.

Full Coach Wrap

A full coach wrap covers the sides of the bus, coach or other commercial vehicle, the rear panel and the front, alongside a one-way film applied to windows for passenger safety while optimising the space you have to use. If your primary objective is building company awareness, this impactful wrap design is among the most effective vehicle wraps.

Rear Coach Wrap

This commercial wrapping approach features partial coverage across the back of the coach. Rear wraps work well on coach and bus wraps since you can present a full print across the flat surface while showcasing your promotional marketing campaigns to other drivers on the road.

T-Bar Coach Wrapping

A T-Bar coach wrap is an alternative partial wrap placement, where the side of the vehicle features a wrap similar to the shape of the letter T, applied to the top section and down the sides, adjacent to the doors and driver’s window.

This type of coach wrap is commonly used throughout the London TFL network. It is popular with event managers and theatres advertising events and performances – the slightly smaller size of the wrap means it is cost-effective yet still high-impact.

Average Costs of Coach Wrap Advertising

We often consult with clients keen to replicate the impact of exhibition trucks branded with bespoke advertising or to maximise their audience by utilising large-scale vehicle graphics displayed on buses and coaches.

However, cost remains a consideration, and we recognise that many businesses need to adhere to a budget while achieving the best possible returns. Contact us for more information on vehicle wrap service pricing.

Of course, much depends on the size of the vehicle, whether you’d like a long-lasting premium vinyl or temporary decal, and the complexity of the graphic design and printing aspects of your project. We are always happy to provide more accurate pricing following a chat about the type of coach wraps you’d like.

Whichever options you decide are the right fit, the size and adaptability of a coach wrap is a great advertising opportunity, with the scale of the visual space turning a simple vehicle into a high-engagement advertisement.

More details about our bus and coach wrapping services are available through our Coach Wrap service page – click on the ‘Quote Now’ button for an initial pricing estimate!

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