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WrapUK works with a broad range of clients, offering both in-house wrapping at our facility in Chichester and on-site vehicle wrapping Southampton services for businesses and brands across West Sussex and Hampshire.

Vehicle graphics are a great opportunity for national and local brands to utilise their fleets and company cars as advertising assets, creating high-quality, eye-catching vinyl wraps that present a polished, professional image.

There are as many as 138,000 vehicles per day using the M27 as a key route along the south coast and a high-volume motorway for commuters, freight vehicles and tourists. This major connection between Southampton, London and the west provides a huge amount of potential exposure for every journey.

How Can Vehicle Wrapping Improve Brand Awareness?

One of the best – and most effortless ways – to build great brand awareness is by exposing target customers to the same logos, business images and colours over time. Customers who are familiar with your business are significantly more likely to choose you for a planned purchase or to have your name come to mind when they require a service.

Car wraps are incredibly versatile, so you can customise the finish to your specific client demographic.

For example, consumer-focused B2C brands might go for bright, bold, energetic colours, whereas a professional service or B2B company might opt for more minimal designs.

In comparison to traditional advertising, vehicle wrapping is very cost-effective and can reach audiences of thousands for each day your vehicles spend on the road – and many times more when making deliveries or visiting clients in the city centre and other busy regions.

Even for low-mileage commercial fleets and company cars, the impacts are tangible. When making a delivery, for example, your vehicles are instantly recognisable, and customers and clients are assured of an efficient service.

Professionally wrapped fleets also improve customer brand perceptions, with around 75% of people able to recall decals or brand names seen on wrapped vans, ensuring your business is a credible name that people know and trust.

What Is the Advantage of Having Vehicle Wrapping Southampton?

Alongside brand awareness and promoting your business to drivers across Southampton, a vehicle wrap can add value as a security asset.

Adding a good quality vinyl wrap to the outer surface of a van or car means:

    • The paint and bodywork underneath are protected from road spray, oil, small chips and other contaminants that create ongoing wear and tear and damage the outer appearance of your vehicles. Wrapping reduces the costs of damage to fleets and avoids any need to repaint worn bodywork.
    • Wrapped vans and cars are considerably less likely to be targeted by criminals since the stand-out appearance of a bespoke wrap means a vehicle is impossible to conceal and easy for the authorities to trace and recover.

Vinyl wraps can be replaced or changed at any time, and although they are durable and designed to last, you can create different themes, promotions and designs to coincide with events, offers or new product launches – as often or as little as you wish.

We can recommend vinyl brands and finishes to suit your requirements, with tough treatments such as ceramic coatings ideal for evergreen wraps that you’d like to last as long as possible. Lower-cost renewable wraps are often a better solution for temporary wrapping projects.

Because a wrap is always displayed on your vehicle, whether parked up, making deliveries or travelling on the motorway, your cost-per-impression rate is much higher than for static print advertising, and acts as an ad that travels with you, wherever you go.

Boosting the Impact of Vehicle Branding

WrapUK’s in-house design team provides consultations and advice whether you have a clear idea about how you would like your vehicle to look or need inspiration to incorporate memorable advertising across your business fleet.

As a form of active advertising, you can use clever logos and placements, select fonts and tonal contrasts that immediately draw the eye, and use short-form text to communicate messages, the name of your business, or how to find you online or through your social media channels.

Working with an established vinyl wrapping firm is highly advisable, where we can size up your vehicle or tailor each wrap if you have different lorries, vans and trucks within your business, ensuring each wrap matches the shape and size of the car and is scaled accordingly.

The trick is always to ensure a wrap has maximum effect and makes your brand immediately memorable and easy to find – we can recommend the best ways to abbreviate text, use graphics in place of words and include contact details that a driver will be able to recall even if they have seen your wrap while driving in traffic.

Vehicle Wrapping Southampton Services and Options

There are countless ways to customise your business vehicles, whether you have a large fleet of trucks and lorries, one or two work vans, or company cars for salespeople, engineers and delivery teams.

    • Full vehicle wraps: full wraps transform the appearance of a plain white van or a standard car into a mobile billboard, using your choice of colours, text, logos and designs to represent your business and create a uniform, on-brand feel.
    • Partial wraps: partial wraps are a cost-effective solution for businesses and can mean wrapping a panel, adding a decal to the doors, side or bonnet of the van, or creating a vertical wrap that covers the rear aspect of your vehicle.
    • Vehicle decals: adding one prominent decal to a van, car or lorry can be an easy way to add promotional wraps to larger fleets with any design, shape, configuration or size available.
    • Specialist vehicle wraps: to make a real impact, you could choose from premium vinyl with finishes in chrome, gloss, metallics, textures and matte – these wraps can be used for a one-panel wrap or decal or to ensure your vehicles can never pass by unnoticed.

For more information about our vehicle wrapping Southampton services, assistance designing your own bespoke vinyl wrap, or to enquire about availability and timeframes, please contact the friendly wrapping experts at WrapUK at your convenience.

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