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Your office is the central hub of your business and rightly so, you want it to represent all that your business is. If you have regular visitors or want to make the exterior more attractive and attention grabbing,  you want your branding to shine bright wherever it’s placed. We have just the solution – a branded wall wrap is a quick and cost-effective way of creating a dramatic and engaging backdrop for your office space.

What is a Wall Wrap

Wall WrapMost people tend to think of wraps as something we put on vehicles for advertising, to add stripes or change colour. Wraps are design sections that are printed and then cut out before being adhered onto the surface of whatever you are wrapping.

Wall wraps are exactly this and they have become increasingly popular, particularly for businesses that may rent office space and have restrictions on what branding they can add.

What Material is Used

Wall wrap is made from vinyl and can be attached to any wall in just a short space of time. It can be removed easily when needed but can also be tailored to fit almost any space.

Wall wraps are easy to create and cost-effective. Without branding and visual stimulation, your office environment can become dull and dreary for employees. Vinyl wall wraps provide you the opportunity to promote your brand and create a professional and modern looking work environment.

Benefits of Wall Wrapping

There are numerous benefits in considering a wall wrap over traditional (often permanent) branding and design options:

    • Wall wraps create a really BIG impression. Imagine a branded wrap across the back of your office or reception area. The good news is that wrapping can be done both inside and outside the office, promoting your brand internally and publicly.
    • You are not limited in design. The latest vinyl wrapping technology means that your installation can be fitted to any size space with different colours, logos and images delivered through cutting-edge, pin-sharp printing processes.
    • A wall wrap is considerably cheaper than other options (such as painting), and can be easily removed. This means, if you move offices, you can remove your existing wall wrap, and have one fitted in your new location. If you decide to change branding, you can quickly update with a minimum of fuss.
    • Wall wraps can be applied to any wall surface. This gives you the opportunity to make the most of any blank spaces in your office, regardless of the building interior.

Start Planning your Wall Wrap Today

Whether you have already settled on your branded design and know what you want or need to work with professionals to put all the right elements together, WrapUK has you covered! Contact our professional team today to find out more about how we can help you transform your office space.

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