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Why is a boat wrap a good investment? You can transform the appearance of your boat without a full respray or paint job and protect the hull at the same time.

Because of the speed and cost-effectiveness, wrapping has become increasingly popular for both business and recreational boat owners.

What is a Boat Wrap

Boat WrapThe traditional way to change the appearance of a boat’s hull or add signage is to have it painted. This can be a lengthy process and means your boat could be out of service for several weeks, if not months.

Boat wrapping is similar to car wrapping – it involves designing and printing off a prefabricated material and attaching it to the body of the boat.

Wrap Material Used

The material used to wrap a boat is vinyl and, with the latest cutting and printing methods, you can create any shape, colour or design for your boat. This is a method that has been used mostly on racing yachts in the past, but is now becoming more popular and is accessible for cruising and commercial boat owners.

The Benefits of a Boat Wrap

There are numerous benefits in vinyl wrapping your boat as opposed to prepping the surface and repainting it. You might have bought a new boat and want to change the colour. Perhaps you are selling a boat and want a cost-effective way to improve it’s appearance. Maybe you want to brand your boat to promote your business.

 1. It’s Far Quicker to Wrap than Paint

Boat wrapping is a much faster solution than painting. If you are using your boat for business, the less time it spends in dry dock the better. With vinyl boat wraps, you can often be back in the water within a couple of days, depending on the size of your vessel.

2. Vinyl Wrap is Cost-Effective

A boat wrap is generally less costly than painting – not least because of the speed with which the vinyl cover can be printed, cut and then installed. The additional benefit is that your vinyl wrap can be removed when you want which means you can return your boat to its original condition, or update the aesthetics.

3. Boat Wraps have Longevity

If you think a boat wrap won’t last as long as a professional paint job, then you are wrong. You can expect a professionally installed vinyl boat wrap to last between 6 and 8 years.

4. Protects the Hull

An added benefit of a full boat wrap is that it protects the surface beneath which means your hull has an extra layer of protection.

Boat Wrap Options

There are a whole range of different options when it comes to the latest boat wrap technology. You can decide to have your full hull covered, introduce stripes and other designs onto the hull, add boat names … the options really are endless. Boat wraps are highly customisable and can be changed quickly and simply if you want to make a change.

Not Just the Exterior

It’s not just the exterior of the boat that you can transform using wrapping. It can also be used for inside surfaces, creating different finishes and colours to suit your preferences.

Head to the Boat Wrapping Experts

A wrap is a cost-effective and simple way to change the look of your vessel in the shortest space of time.

Our team at WrapUK have extensive experience dealing with boat wraps of all sizes, including providing full wraps, stripes, and custom designs. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you transform your boat.


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