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Summer 2021 holds promise for us all, and as we gradually embark on the roadmap out of lockdown, we’re set for a glorious season where we can all get to adventure out and make the most of the warmer weather.

After a year of business lockdowns and event cancellations, there is no doubt that the coming months will be the busiest yet for many firms. Most will be doing everything possible to get back out into the world, engage with their customers, and market their services as broadly as possible. There has never been a better time to consider vehicle wraps to shout loud and proud about your event, company, or service – with so captive an audience.

Let’s summarise some of the benefits of vinyl commercial wraps and why now is the time to think about your marketing to ensure you get the best out of the time ahead.commercial wraps

Event Wrapping for Trailer Wraps and Summer Promotions

We’re so looking forward to balmy days, warm nights and outdoor events. The WrapUK team is already scheduling an incredible number of vehicle commercial wrap projects, all looking to ensure they put their best foot forward in a busy schedule.

Trailer wraps are a fantastic way to publicise your services to a vast audience, and all with just one initial outlay, making it one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

    • Attention-grabbing vehicle wraps deliver an instant message.
    • Create custom decals and truck graphics to stand out from the crowd.
    • Announce your business to potential new customers in one easy format.
    • Cost-free advertising when working at events alongside competitors.
    • Temporary wrap options for time-limited promotions.

Getting your trailer wraps up to scratch now will ensure you can deliver your messaging in the most compelling way when events can resume. Whether that’s catering trailer wraps for outdoor concerts, commercial wraps to adorn your trucks out on the road, or advertising event wraps for upcoming festivals, we’re on hand to make it happen.

It’s also essential to plan your vehicle wraps in plenty of time before the lockdown restrictions begin to lift, to ensure maximum visibility:

    • 29th March – groups of up to six or two households can meet outdoors.
    • Late April – some hospitality will be able to open, serving outdoors, alongside non-essential retail sectors.
    • Mid May – self-catering hospitality will reopen, with short breaks in the UK permitted.
    • Approximately June – social contact rules will relax, with the potential for outdoor events, gigs, festivals and attractions to reopen.

Using the Power of Truck Wraps to Reignite Your Business

A significant number of companies have seen either a reduction in transactions or have had to put a stop to their trading entirely over the last year. That makes the lifting of lockdown restrictions even more vital, with the summer months an ideal opportunity to make up for the lost time and level up your advertising.

When travel is permitted in the next few weeks, the motorways and roads of Britain will see a substantial increase in traffic – and we’re all anticipating an unprecedented surge in the number of staycations and UK holiday breaks! That means that now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the free advertising potential you get each and every time one of your trucks, lorries or cars ventures out.

It is essential to increase your publicity efforts to recoup lost income but also to grasp this unique period in time. A strong appetite for economic growth, a return to business normality, and availability of those services that our customers have been waiting for means that there is likely to be both a spike in demand and steep rivalry from competitors who have experienced the same setbacks.

Getting ahead of the game will ensure your truck wraps have maximum visibility, which is particularly crucial during the following school holidays when millions of people will be out on the roads:

    • 2nd – 16th April: Easter holidays
    • 31st May – 4th June: Half-term holidays
    • 23rd July – 31st August: Summer break

From July onwards, provided all of the safety benchmarks are met, we may be able to lift all restrictions. That means that every large-scale event that has been cancelled, delayed or postponed will be rushing to reschedule. As yet, we can’t be sure whether those dates will prove to be finite, but the end of lockdown is at last on the horizon, and it is crucial to plan ahead.

What are the Benefits of Using Promotional Commercial Wraps?

As we’ve seen, there are multiple reasons to upgrade your commercial wraps or look at brand new vinyl designs for your vehicles. This form of promotion is highly cost-effective and provides an instant form of advertising with the scope to reach a widespread audience.

The summer ahead is expected to be booming for UK businesses, not least in industries that have had their doors closed for a long, hard winter. As we can all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the normality we have missed, it is a crucial period where firms can leverage their presence to raise brand awareness and attract new customers.

Benefits of promoting your business through vehicle wraps include:

    • Mobile publicity, with advertising potential on the move.
    • The ability to change your wraps as often as you wish, for a fraction of the cost of a billboard or other more traditional publicity method.
    • Localised advertising to reach your nearby potential clients.
    • Protecting your paintwork with a vinyl vehicle wrap – an essential factor for businesses with fleet wraps or a large number of commercial vehicles.

If you’re interested in making Summer 2021 a year to remember and would like to learn more about vinyl wrapping services, please get in touch with the WrapUK team as soon as possible to reserve your slot. We provide a fully bespoke service with a range of the best quality vinyl wraps, and can advise on the ideal solutions to meet your marketing objectives and budget.

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