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Wrapping your car, or commercial fleet is a no-brainer if you want to stand out from the crowd, embrace your unique flair, or take advantage of an incredible marketing opportunity every time you settle in for a drive!

That said, maintenance is one of the critical things the Wrap UK team is asked about – and it’s essential to keep your van wraps looking great.

So here we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions (who doesn’t love a FAQs page?) about how long your car wrap should last, what the signs are that it’s time for a fresh look, and how to make your wraps last as long as they should do.

What are the Signs that My Fleet Wraps Need Replacing?

Van Wrap

Firstly, let’s go over the signs that your commercial wraps have reached the end of days, and it’s time to get them removed and replaced.

The joy of vinyl wrap is that it’s as easy to remove, as it is to apply – if you have a pro team who know what they’re doing, that is! – and so it’s no hassle to whip off a tired old wrap and give yourself a quick-fire image overhaul.

Here are your signs that it’s time to move on:

    • The wrap has started peeling – this is usually due to time or age, or because the wrap has done a fair few miles and started to accumulate dirt behind the vinyl.
    • Your design is starting to fade; most common if you’ve been driving somewhere hot and sunny, or parked your vehicle in direct sunlight.
    • It’s just time for a change, and you have a new logo, branding or visual that you’d like to apply.
    • You’ve had a prang (or two…), or the wrap has started to become stained; this is usually due to things like bird mess and tree sap that are highly acidic.

The good news is that, while all these things do happen over time, if you take good care of your vinyl wrap you can protect it for much longer!

How Long Should Professionally Applied Car Graphics Last?

Most vinyl wraps last a good few years; although a lot depends on how much the vehicle is used, where it’s parked, and whether you’ve gone for a tough ceramic coating to keep it safe from bird mess, rain, and chemicals in surface water. As a rough indication, you’re looking anything from five years upwards.

Don’t worry too much if you’ve got van wraps that still look amazing after that time though!

It’s all about wear and tear, and the exposure of your vinyl wraps to external factors, so if you’ve got a prize motor that relaxes in a shady garage when it’s not in use, the chances are you’re going to find your wraps last a long time!

There are loads of things that reduce the lifespan of even the highest quality lorry wrapping – these are factors such as:

    • Exposure to the elements, hot weather and direct sunlight.
    • Extensive use without a ceramic coating to protect your wrap from road spray and dirt.
    • Parking under trees, where your wrap can become stained by sap and bird droppings.
    • Harsh, abrasive cleaning or jet washing.

If you’ve spotted some minor damage or bubbling, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll advise if there is a quick repair available, or if it’s a sign that your truck wraps have seen better days!

Can I Repair Damage to my Van Wraps?

In some cases, if you’ve had an accident or started to see wear and tear earlier than you’d expect, it might be possible to repair it, rather than going for a full replacement – although this is all about how the damage has occurred, where it’s located, and why. Alternatively, if you’ve damaged one panel, you can sometimes re-wrap just that part of the vehicle.

This situation is pretty common with bumpers, front and rear panels, as the places most likely to suffer from a scratch or nick. It’s essential to have any repairs carried out first, and then a new wrap installed on the replacement – there’s little point re-wrapping a damaged part of the vehicle as it won’t last.

Bear in mind that car wraps aren’t designed for use immediately after a respray, so it’s best to ask for an expert opinion if you’ve damaged part of your car wrap, before shelling out for a repair that isn’t suitable. Your best option is to use a professional car wrapping team who will ensure the application is carried out carefully, with the right tools and equipment, using the best vinyl wrap option for your type of vehicle.

Does Changing my Lorry Wrapping Damage the Paintwork?

Nope! As long as you get the experts to remove your vinyl wrap, it’s not going to damage the paintwork underneath – in fact, a wrap does a great job of shielding your paint, and so it’s the opposite!

Never try to remove a wrap yourself, particularly with tools like screwdrivers or sandpaper; you might get the wrap off, but you’re going to need a new paint job. If there is pre-existing damage to your paint, a wrap isn’t going to solve that problem. Still, it can undoubtedly prevent further damage if external pollutants cause it – but be aware that wrapping over scratches or dents might make them more apparent, and it’s never a good idea to wrap over any rust.

High-quality fleet wraps are made from super thin vinyl, so they’re not designed to hide imperfections, and likewise won’t cause any problems for your paintwork underneath.

When it’s time to replace your wrap, and it’s lived a useful lifespan of promoting your brand in an impactful way, Wrap UK removes the old wrap just as gently as it was installed, ready for a new look, whether you’re replacing your trademark graphics or going for a whole new image!

If you’re unsure whether your commercial wraps need replacing, or would like to look at replacing tired wraps with a slick new look, get in touch.

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