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There are so many options for businesses or brands when it comes to advertising. Choosing the best publicity strategy depends on multiple factors:

    • The audience you wish to reach.Temporary Vehicle Wraps
    • What geographical areas your services cover.
    • Whether you sell to businesses or private customers.
    • Your available budget.
    • How long you wish the promotion to remain live.

As vinyl wrap experts, the WrapUK team works with a wide range of companies and brand managers to identify the best way to use vehicle advertising to leave a lasting impression.

Let’s explore how temporary vehicle wraps work, what sort of promotional activity they are best suited to, and what the benefits are to your business.

Why Choose Temporary Vehicle Wraps and Graphics?

Short-term advertising doesn’t come better than bright, colourful graphics! Unique to your brand, vinyl wraps are an excellent way to stand out from the crowd, create an eye-catching, mobile billboard and showcase your personality.

As the ultimate convenient marketing solution, wraps balance out all of the crucial factors when it comes to investing in adverts that pay dividends:

    • Mobility – advertising that travels with you across your service areas!
    • Flexibility – unlimited colours, tones, textures and finishes, bespoke to your business.
    • Convenience – wraps are quick and easy to apply and change, so you can switch out your fleet wraps as often as you need to.
    • Cost-effective – substantially cheaper than any other form of print media or static advertising.
    • Creative – get in touch for inspiration about how you can use vinyl wraps to create a truly original and inspiring design.

We all appreciate that publicity in the modern era isn’t just about shining a spotlight on the quality and value of the products or services you provide. It’s about brand awareness, engagement, and demonstrating why your business is different. Imagery is everything, and a great quality vinyl wrap speaks volumes about your brand quality, style and reliability.

Vinyl wraps are ideal for this use and elevate your advertising differently and creatively to connect with your target customers.

Vinyl Wraps – Frequently Asked Questions

Here at WrapUK, we receive regular enquiries about how vehicle wraps can be used, and whether they are a suitable solution for your fleet or business vehicles. We’ll run through the answers to some of the most popular questions to explain all the ins and outs of using vinyl wraps as a modern marketing solution!

How Easy is it to Change a Vehicle Wrap?

If you’re using a professional vehicle wrapping service, it couldn’t be easier! Wraps can withstand the elements for up to several years but are also a great way to advertise an event, promotion or time-sensitive product range.

There is no limit to how often you can change your fleet wraps or how long you decide to keep them in service. Our team will advise on the best-suited vinyl wrap for the type of vehicle you want to use for your mobile promotions, as well as the required timescales to get your new advertising in action.

What Colours and Themes Can I Use on a Promotional Vinyl Wrap?

Any you like! WrapUK fits everything from full vehicle wraps to decals and signage, so your mobile adverts are entirely customisable.

From colour-changing films to gloss and matte finishes, chrome or pearlescent, metallic to texture, we offer a comprehensive range of wraps from the unique and quirky to the stylistic and sleek.

What Sort of Businesses Use Vehicle Fleet Wraps?

The only real limitation on vinyl wraps is your imagination, and so a range of businesses, organisations and brands leverage this powerful form of publicity.

Here are some examples:

    • Charity events and fundraisers – what better way to gain attention than with a striking visual display boldly announcing your campaign
    • Gyms, sports clubs and event venues – advertising sign up promotions, discounted tickets and upcoming events and competitions.
    • Car dealerships with time-sensitive offers, new season number plates, clearance sales and discounts.
    • Security services – showcasing their newest products, private or commercial alarm systems, or pricing offers to attract new clients.
    • Gigs, concerts, car boot sales, public events and entertainment attractions – using vinyl wraps to shout about their next scheduled event, inviting people to register or purchase a ticket, or raising awareness about upcoming activities.
    • Travel companies and holiday firms promoting pricing offers, low-cost accommodation or seasonal adverts.

Those are just a few of the multiple applications for temporary vehicle wraps – anything you need to publicise to the broadest possible audience for a limited period!

Can I Use Vinyl Wraps on any Vehicle?

You name it; we’ve wrapped it! Many wraps are used for event services – be that catering, retail, hospitality or event management.

The beauty of a temporary vinyl wrap is that we can apply it to almost any smooth surface. From food truck wraps to trailer advertising, car wraps to mobile billboards on the side of trucks, and caravans to transportation vehicles, you can use vinyl wraps on pretty much any object!

Do I Need to Wrap the Whole Vehicle for a Vinyl Wrap?

Absolutely not – although full vinyl wraps are often the most visually captivating option. You can apply:

    • Vinyl wrap detailing to display a particular message or promotion.
    • Roof wraps (think air shows, aerial displays and airports!).
    • Bonnet wraps and vinyl striping to create a unique design.
    • Spoiler wraps and bumper wraps to deliver your message on the road.

We hope these FAQs have answered any potential questions about vehicle wraps to support your marketing campaigns.

WrapUK is always on hand to provide advice if you would like to explore your options for using this compelling form of visual advertising to publicise your newest promotions. As we move out of lockdown restrictions, there has never been a better time to leverage your brand identity and make the most of the increased traffic on the roads to leave a stamp wherever you go. Get in touch with us for costings and guidance about any vehicle wrapping project you have in mind!

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