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Clearly, the WrapUK guys and girls love getting artistic, with van graphics and lorry wraps that sing. And – did you know that there’s a lot more to car wraps than meets the eye?

There are millions of ways you can use versatile materials, a bit of crafting, and some fly-as-you-like 3M architectural wrap that delivers texture, depth and rhythm to an otherwise flat surface.

Here we’ll run through five of our favourite ‘alternative’ projects that combine style, energy and dynamic design, in some unexpected places.

1. Bringing Interior Design into the Digital Era with Wall Wrap

Car WrapWe all know about car wraps, and using ultra-cool PWF wrap to create next-gen pigments and metallics that never fail to impress.

A lesser-known option is to use the versatility of vinyl wraps to slam dunk your brand experience with a tailored wall wrap, that links seamlessly with your fleet, your marketing and, well, everything about your business!

Why use a wall wrap instead of good old-fashioned wallpaper?

    • It is fully customisable – your graphics, your logo, and your presence on any wall you choose.
    • It’s cost-effective (so we haven’t ever commissioned bespoke wallpaper, but we’re reasonably sure that’s going to be a pricey experience!).
    • It works anywhere. Got a massive, blank wall that’s sucking the energy out of a room? Wrap it. Got a tiny area that needs something to make it work for its floor space? Same.
    • It’s flexible. Take it down, change it up, move it somewhere else, put it on the ceiling – the options are limitless.

Wrapping a wall creates a statement that says what it needs to, in a big, bold, and fearless way. If you walk into an office that puts thought and effort into making a style statement, there’s one thing that’s for sure – you’re going to remember it.

2. Marine Wrap Applications for Boats That Rise Above

Maybe a more common one; but let’s take a moment here to talk about marine wraps.

If you’re an ocean-going type, you will know better than most that seawater does criminal things to the hull of a boat – whether you’ve got a stunning seafaring sailboat, or a skiff for days out at the beach. Saltwater breaks down paint as fast as you can slap on a new coat of anti-foul, and when you build in barnacles, clammy seaweed and pollutants, well, let’s say that the upkeep of a sailboat is a full-time job in itself.

A vinyl marine wrap is an excellent choice. Sure, it’s great for branding, makes sure your license, SSR or WIN is clear, and creates a smooth visual dynamic that slices through the waves. It’s also an exceptionally cost-effective choice, as a pro marine wrap can last for a good six to eight years. In boat years, that’s a lifetime.

We always like to remind the world out there that vinyl wrap is a genuinely versatile, flexible material – and if you’ve got the vehicle, we can wrap it. That includes:

    • Boats, dinghies and trailers.
    • Commercial lorry wrapping and vans.
    • Off-road vehicles and quad bikes.
    • Agricultural vehicles and equipment.
    • Plant and machinery in construction.
    • Tankers, transporters and containers.

Wrapping is fast, affordable, and fun, so let’s not limit ourselves, hey!

3. Customising Your Gaming Experience with On-Point Branding

Now we’re going to broaden our horizons with some indoor wraps that take the art of a pro 3M wrap to the limit; we’re talking small, intricate, unique and dynamic. Vinyl wrap can work wonders on any space, whether it’s tiny or massive; if an item has a smooth surface, it’s likely a viable option for a wrap.

The beauty is that it’s temporary – so if you change sponsors, brand allegiances, or businesses, you’ve got no worries about hiding an out-dated paint job and can whip off one wrap, and bring it right up to date with another.

In the UK and around the world, e-sports is BIG news, and if you’ve never seen a custom wrapped console, you’re missing out.

    • Thinking you need to put some effort into your style game, on a budget?
    • Want to create something unique that speaks volumes?
    • Need to level up your gaming experience, or create a bespoke gift that will mean more than words?

Talk to a pro vinyl wrap team about what you can create with a little imagination, a nice smooth surface, and some high-quality wrap.

4. Taking Design to the Next Level with Bespoke Furniture Wraps

Sticking inside, we’re going to look past our consoles, laptops and gaming equipment, and look at the furniture that forms a part of our daily living and working experiences.

Vinyl is perfect for upgrading furniture, fridges, doors and tables, with a quick, low-cost, and removable solution that will keep your stuff in pristine condition, protected inside a glove of vinyl that brings your branding to life.

    • You don’t need to replace tired furniture when you can give it a total facelift in a few minutes!
    • Create custom graphics with an impact – think about metallic, bold colour pops, marble or leather wraps that bring a fresh feel to a space.
    • It’s a low-maintenance, simple application, easy to care for, and adds years of life to appliances that look ready for the skip.

The only real limitation on 3M wrap is how far your imagination will stretch, so if you’ve got an idea about linking your branding throughout your business, or adding an injection of design that will stand apart, hit us up

5. Toss Away Out-dated Marketing With a Mobile Billboard

Finally, we’re going to look at marketing in its purest form; the advertising billboard. If you’ve ever invested in physical marketing, you don’t need us to tell you how expensive it is. The problem here is that one campaign is just that – one campaign.

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to want to roll out the same exact ad every season, every time, with the exact same branding, wording and graphics that you’ve used every year before it. And, if you’re serious about brand exposure and making a big noise when you’ve got something to say, you need to be sure that investment is a solid one.

So, vinyl wrap. It’s the answer.

Create mobile billboards with replaceable, interchangeable graphics that annihilate the usual advertising budget, give you the freedom to chop and change with the weather, and will stand the test of time if you decide to revisit an old favourite.

The best part? It’s one billboard, one A-board, one pavement sign, one sandwich board – but with graphics that you can switch out whenever you like.

Let us know what you think!

    • Have you seen some super cool uses of vinyl that travel outside of the norm?
    • Do you want to transcend the ordinary and bring your unique style to something weird and wonderful?
    • Have you tried vinyl wrapping something unconventional with great effect

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