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Here at Wrap UK, we wrap a diverse range of vehicles. From supercars to work vans, lorry wrapping to marine graphics!

There are a lot of different types of vinyl wrap, and each has pros and cons – so here we’ll run through the most popular car wrap types, what sorts of vehicles they’re best suited to; and which might be the right option for you. Still unsure about your best bet, or the right wraps for your budget? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

PWF Wrap – Uses and Applications

Truck WrapPlatinum Wrapping Film (PWF) is ridiculously cool; it’s thick, state-of-the-art, consistently high quality and UV resistant. Did we mention that it comes in the deepest mattes and metallics?

So PWF is probably not ideal for heavy-duty work vans – this is an exclusive, premium wrap available only from the official PWF brand, and from selected fitters (including Wrap UK, of course!). But if you’re wrapping a car, and want a look that incorporates the most advanced textures, pigments and colour spectrums, then PWF can achieve an appearance that cannot be found elsewhere.

You’ll find sports cars, high-end brands and custom branding vehicles wearing a PWF wrap, but it’s not something you’re going to kit out a commercial fleet with!

What is 3M Wrap Best Suited For?

3M is another well-known brand that is used widely throughout truck wrapping in the UK. This brand is excellent for commercial wraps and is used for full car wraps as well as van graphics and logos.

Still, even if you know 3M vinyl is being used for your commercial wraps, it’s worth knowing that there are loads of ranges and series. Each offers different finishes and qualities; from high-quality, high-cost vinyl through to lower-performance options. You can also only purchase an authentic 3M car wrap from an authorised vehicle wrapper!

It’s essential to ask about the overlaminate; because high quality 3M cast vinyl wraps applied with a cheap laminate, or calendered laminate won’t have the same durability. And, unless you’re a pro, it’s very difficult to spot the difference until the wear and tear start to show much earlier than you’d expect. The issue here is with the curves and angles that van graphics need to be formed around; calendared laminates aren’t designed for curves, and in even just a few months can pop out of position.

3M is a renowned brand with a wide choice of colours, glosses and palettes, with a superior weather-proofing adhesive that is easy to apply without bubbles. So – 3M is a great quality vinyl for lorry wrapping, but make sure you’re using a trusted supplier who can recommend the right type of 3M vinyl, and use the best laminate to last for the next few years.

Using genuine 3M components will ensure your wrap will last longer, is designed to withstand the road conditions, and with the right films, will look great for a good while.

Can You Use 3M Architectural Wrap for Car Wrapping?

Next up, we’ll look at a specific type of 3M vinyl called architectural wrap – it’s a little different from standard 3M vinyl, and is designed to offer outstanding durability, with resistance to water and dirt.

Architectural wraps are best suited to interiors; think wall wrapping, furniture, lockers, consoles, and doors. These films come in a massive number of prints and finishes; from traditional wood, without the cost, sleek metal, without the cold surface, and gloss vinyl that brings an appliance or piece of furniture up to date in a heartbeat.

You can even install leather, brick effect, marble and glitter vinyl if you’re looking for something truly unusual! Still, while 3M architectural vinyl is designed to be fitted around curves, it’s not intended for lorries (leather-clad work truck anyone?).

What is Avery Wrap and What is It Used For?

Finally, we’ll consider Avery wrap; another of the premium vinyl wrap brands installed by Wrap UK as an approved fitter. This vinyl also comes in a wide range of colours and textures; from simple, primary shades through to chrome, pearlescent and metallic.

Some of the benefits of an Avery vinyl include:

    • Good durability and a long-lasting finish.
    • Fast and easy to apply with patented Avery technology.
    • Protective layers over the coloured films.
    • One-piece applications, covering larger panels with one roll.
    • Wide choice of colours and texture.

If you’re looking for lorry wrapping fairly quickly, Avery has to be a contender since it’s ready to apply straight out of the box. Hence being one of the speediest applications, without the need for laminating or printing.

Which Commercial Wraps Should I Choose for a Heavy Duty Van?

The answer is that it depends on the type of vehicle, shape, and what sort of colours, design and imagery you’d like to achieve from your van wraps. Both 3M and Avery are excellent, well-established brands and the Wrap UK team is proud to offer this range of choice.

While some vinyl wraps are designed for interior use, or for intricate, bespoke designs that aren’t likely to be viable (or affordable) for van wraps, each of these brands does offer distinctive qualities such as durability, value for money, and longevity that will make a difference to the long-term maintenance costs of your fleet.

Every car wrap project is different; so before recommending the best wraps, we would ask:

    • What design you have in mind and whether it’s to cover the whole vehicle or specific panels.
    • What colours you’d like to use, and whether there are any unusual patterns, textures or colours that you wish to include.
    • How large the fleet is, how many commercial wraps you need, and what sort of vehicles they are (age, brand, style and shape of the vehicle can all impact the best-suited wraps!).
    • Whether you’re looking for a long-standing, durable wrap, or are looking for the most cost-effective budget.
    • How soon you imagine wanting to re-wrap your commercial fleet.

These factors will all help determine our professional recommendations for your commercial wraps. For example, if you’re looking at re-wrapping your vans each year for a seasonal promotion, then it’s wise to go for a lower cost option! If you want a durable, water-resistant vehicle wrap that will stand the test of time, then we’ve got the solution for that too!

Give the Wrap UK team a call for more advice about selecting the best sort of wrap for your commercial fleet, and we’ll share our expert knowledge to help you make an informed choice.


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