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One of the reasons the guys and girls at WrapUK are so passionate is that we LOVE the diversity that vinyl wrap offers – and that we get to unleash our creativity on such a range of fantastic projects!

We want to talk about commercial wraps for purposes a mile away from your conventional vehicle wraps and explain some of the niche projects we get to work on.

Floor graphics are a big deal, and they’re coming to a shopping centre, a lobby, or a hotel near you soon if you haven’t walked over them already. Vinyl is adaptable, vibrant, and can make a world of difference to businesses that want to stand out and offer a customer experience less ordinary.

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Vinyl Custom Wraps for Business Premises

We’ve used vinyl to create a large number of wall wraps and floor wraps to help businesses with:

    • One-way foot traffic signage to facilitate social distancing.
    • Queuing lines for tills, retail outlets and events.
    • Directional signs in more significant commercial buildings.

The beauty of vinyl is that it’s removable yet durable – perfect for companies who aren’t keen on commissioning a sign painter to transform their interiors for a short-term promotion, event, new product launch or temporary change of layout.

Products like 3M wrap and Avery wrap have become a stand out option for everything from banks to shopping centres, supermarkets to boutique malls that need to enforce safety measures without permanently changing the interface of their buildings.

WrapUK also fits vinyl wraps for other purposes – think short-term events, theatres, museums, cinemas, restaurant chains and galleries. You can fit floor wraps on most flat, level flooring types, and it’s a refreshing change from standard blank flooring – let’s make the most of that huge empty canvas!

Commercial wraps are an excellent way to create cost-effective advertising and customer information at a fraction of the cost of a complete interior design project.

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Wall Wrap

While floor wraps may seem like a new phenomenon, they’ve been around for quite some time. There are tonnes of advantages to utilising your floor space, which often provides a much larger surface area than any other part of your premises.

Here are some of the many benefits:

    • Saving Space With Commercial Floor Wraps

One of the most significant selling points of floor graphics is the amount of space they conserve.

For obvious reasons, floor graphics do not require the same amount of room as ad stands or large-scale banners, so you’re free to make your announcements as bold and vibrant as you wish without eating into your display capacity.

    • Using Commercial Wraps as a Wayfinding Asset

Wall wrap is a brilliant way to create wayfinding directional signs.

These can show arrows to places of interest, highlight exits, or encourage visitors to a particular part of your business.

    • Grab Customers Attention With High Impact Wall Wrap

Using 3M Wrap or Avery wrap on the floor is unconventional, fun, and bound to attract attention.

Wall posters are great but ordinary, so if you’re looking for imaginative advertising and a sense of artistry, a vinyl wrap on the floor is a great solution.

Creating Your Design Concept for Commercial Floor Wraps

If you’re sold on the idea of using custom wraps on the floor, let’s work through a few steps of the design process, so you’ve got a good idea of how to get started!

The first consideration is space. Are you looking for:

    • Large, bold signage in a lobby, atrium or large room?
    • Classy styling in front of reception desks or entrances?
    • Wayfinding wall wraps around your business?

While you can go crazy with vibrant design in ample space, you can incorporate a jolt of colour even in smaller rooms, given that you aren’t sacrificing any surface area or storage to make room for your signage.

A great option is to clash the colour with your walls to really stand out or create seamless branding with cohesive logos, text styles and brand colours across the flooring.

Next, give the WrapUK team a call if you’d like some professional design assistance.

There are so many options when it comes to wrapping brands and textures, so we’ll recommend:

  • Vinyl wraps that will be durable enough for your purpose – whether a short-term signage system for an event or a long-term branding exercise.
  • Suitable options that meet your budget.
  • Choices between styles, densities and sizes of wrap to best fit the space available.

The outstanding feature of floor wraps is that they’re ultimately removable, so a remarkable marketing tool for short-term use or if you decide to switch up your promotional advertising.

Commercial Floor Wrap FAQs

We appreciate that floor wraps are a type of advertising less ordinary, so let’s run through some common FAQs!

How Many People Can Walk on a Vinyl Floor Wrap?

Professionally installed custom wraps are suitable for any volume of traffic. Our teams clean the floor thoroughly before installation, so there are no wrinkles or bubbles to tarnish the finish.

Therefore, you can use your premises just as you do now, but with the added benefit of some beautiful custom floor art!

What Colours Can I Use in a Floor Wrap for Advertising?

Whichever you like! The same high-quality precision processes apply to wall wraps and floor wraps as any vehicle wrap so you can opt for fully printed, plain colours or somewhere between the two.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Floor Wrap?

Probably a lot less time than you imagine! It depends a on the size of the vinyl, but also there’s no waiting around afterwards for it to “dry” or “set” – it’s ready to take footfall directly after installation.

If you’re looking to design and fit a stunning floor wrap, we can always have a chat about your trading hours and get the work done while you’re closed – ready to throw your doors open with a brand new flooring design the next day!

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