PWF Wrap for a Superior Finish

When it comes to the world of car design and car wraps, you may have heard of a standard finish vs a superior one. It may surprise you to learn that not all car wrap is made equal and if you want a final design that really looks the business, the materials you choose are important.

Introducing Platinum Wrapping Film or PWF – think superior quality and finish. If you are looking for something that is truly individual and only available to a select few, then this is the product.

PWF Wrap For a Superior Finish

What is PWF Wrap?

Car wraps, can be split into different types. You may want to cover damage on your car, perhaps a scratch or loss of paint on the door. You might want to ‘pimp’ your ride and personalise your look…or you may really want to distinguish your car from the rest.

PWF is an exclusive brand for car wrapping and is only available through a small number of partners, WrapUK being one in the UK. If your car has a PWF wrap, it is top of the range and as exclusive as you can get in today’s marketplace.

The main benefit that PWF offers is exclusive colours. This means you have the option of unusual or rare special colour pigments and different textures and effects. This is especially true in the popular matt metallic sector.

Because PWF films are manufactured in very small quantities, you can be virtually certain that no one else in your surrounding vicinity has the same car colour or texture. The PWF product lines are only available to selected and specialist partners like Wrap UK.

Colours such as Matt Krypton Green and Kinetic Butterfly Silver may sound a little off the wall, but when you see the latest BMW or major league sports car in these colours you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

While some colours are more common, PWF wrap is also produced in limited editions where only a few number of rolls of wrap are ever produced. Of course, these car wraps come at a premium price but if uniqueness is your goal, this is the the product you want. Each limited edition PWF wrap also comes with its own unique serial number.

PWF is a brand owned by German company Bruxsafol Folien GmbH and has been one of the leading suppliers of top quality vehicle films for several decades. Speak to anyone in the industry and they will tell you that PWF is the gold standard.

Why Choose Wrap UK?

PWF do not partner with businesses unless they are vetted for their expertise and quality control. These are high end car wraps, extremely distinctive and WrapUK is proud to be a PWF partner.

Obviously, if you are applying a high quality car wrap onto a state of the art vehicle, you want to be sure you’re dealing with experts. If you’d like to find out more about PWF wraps contact us online or give us a call on 01243 908 007