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When we think of bikes and beauty, we imagine custom designs, awe-inspiring decals and cool as they come graphics that make your ride unique.

Vinyl motorbike wraps are the perfect way to stamp your personality onto your bike and are massively quicker, easier and more cost-effective than a custom paint job. The motorbike wrapping process means that you can be as imaginative as you wish in bringing your design inspiration to life – even if your concepts are too tricky or expensive to apply through a traditional paint application.

With a massive surge in motorbike ownership over the past year and summer just on the horizon, bike wraps will elevate your presence on the road and ensure you can cruise through the sunshine in serious style!

The Booming Popularity of Motorbike WrapsMotorbike Wraps

If you’re already a proud bike owner, you don’t need us to tell you why they’re the ultimate vehicles.

Still, in the last 12 months, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the number of people who decide to invest in a motorbike – and want that bike to reflect their personality. In 2020, there were no less than 1.36 million registered motorcycles in the UK.

Here’s why:

    • Motorbikes are personal – and a safer way to travel without needing to car share or rely on public transport.
    • Bikes are ideal in gridlocked areas where you need to get somewhere fast.
    • Mass transit has slumped, with so many people looking for a convenient way to commute while avoiding trains, tubes and buses.
    • Previous motorbike riders are rediscovering the joy of an open road and being able to spin their wheels wherever the weather takes them.
    • The availability of electric bikes and hybrid vehicles has grown rapidly, meaning they are now more environmentally friendly, cheaper to run, and benefit from being easier to park and store (as well as more fun to drive).

Added to all that, with warmer days ahead and the expectation that bike clubs and rider’s groups will be able to attend meets again, we’re expecting to see a fair few bikes out on the roads this summer.

One of the best things about a motorbike wrap is that you aren’t stuck with your design forever if you have a change of heart. Bike wraps aren’t permanent, although they’ll last for years if you look after them. That means if you feel like it is time for a fresh look, WrapUK can easily whip off the old vinyl.

You can restore your bike to its original colour – with zero marks if you’re looking to sell. Alternatively, we can digitally create any new design you have in mind and then apply it directly to your bike, so you’re ready to roll again.

Benefits of Choosing a Motorbike Wrap

We all sometimes want to shake things up, and buying a new bike is exciting. But, if you’re reluctant to part ways with your motorcycle, you can choose a vinyl wrap to make sure you’re being noticed for all the right reasons.

There are multiple options available, with wraps as bold, distinctive or intricate, as you like. Finishes include:

    • Carbon fibre bike wraps.
    • Chrome and pearlescent motorbike vinyls.
    • Unique finishes such as matte blacks.
    • Metallics and tonal textures.

Wrap UK offers the full spectrum of the highest quality vinyl wrap brands, including 3M, Avery and superior PWF for slicker than your average finishes.

We’re proud to be authorised partners of all of these renowned vinyl wrap brands and offer our customers the broadest choice and boldest styles.

Alongside this diversity of choice, there are lots of benefits to wrapping your bike:

    • It’s reversible – so if you get bored, decide to sell, or get new inspiration, we can either remove your vinyl back to the original colour or create something brand new.
    • Wraps can last for years if they’re well cared for, but they’re also cost-effective, so they can be quickly replaced or repaired if your bike wrap does get damaged.
    • Motorbike vinyl acts as a protective layer for the paintwork underneath, leaving it in top condition.
    • You can choose from any customisation options that would be eye-wateringly expensive in a bespoke paint job or respray
    • The high-quality finishes are second to none, and every bike connoisseur will be able to tell at a single glance that your decals are best in class.
    • We’ll wrap your bike quickly, and at your convenience, so you won’t be without wheels for weeks at a time, as with any other customisation job.

You can choose any bespoke design you have in mind, whether that’s your motorbike club colours or logo, a personal graphic or custom colour that sets your bike apart.

How Motorbike Wrapping Works

Motorbikes are a different beast from a regular car or truck – and it’s always advisable to refer to a wrap technician to transform your motorbike into something extraordinary.

Bikes are full of grooves, curves and dips, and so we see DIY bike wraps all too often that have crinkled or bubbled. If you’re interested in investing in a unique motorbike vinyl, give the WrapUK team a call for advice about achieving the look you are after.

You can wrap any bike model, from the biggest hogs to the tiniest Vespa’s, and vinyl works equally well as a commercial advertising promotion as it does for private vehicles that you want to inject some TLC into. There is also a vast range of wrap brands and finishes to choose from, so we can recommend the right choice depending on the design concept. For example, if you’re looking for a bike wrap that will stand the test of time, a ceramic coating is a premium option that will extend the lifetime of your vinyl.

Conversely, if you’d like to showcase a sponsor, club or brand for an event or ride out, we can apply a temporary vinyl bike wrap as a low-cost option.

Whatever motorbike wrap finish you have in mind, the WrapUK experts can help. Get in touch to discuss your wrap project, and we’ll make sure you’re ready to hit the highways this summer in a style that’s all your own.

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