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It’s a common question; you want to give your car a facelift and make it look unique and compelling. What do you go for – car wrap vs respray?

If you have a clear vision of what you’d like your car wrap to look like, it might be a foregone conclusion; but let’s take a moment to consider what the pros and cons are of each option, to help you make the right decision!

Pros of Choosing a Respray Over a Car Wrap

Car WrapOk, so we’re going to start from the opposite perspective to give a fair overview; clearly, as a leading UK car wrap expert, we’re always going to know that it’s a more affordable and dynamic option! But, for the sake of argument, let’s say we were considering a respray and wanted an honest opinion about why that might be a better choice.

  • Your Car Wrap is as Good as Your Fitter

The first benefit of a paint job is that, while it’s still highly dependent on the skills of the body technician, or the detailer, it’s potentially less risky.

It’s also a little more likely that you could do a decent DIY paint job – while we’d never recommend that with car wraps (we’ve seen too many disaster repairs to think it’s a skill that doesn’t need practice and expertise!). When considering car wraps, or any kind of bodywork, it’s essential to check out reviews and recommendations, and only use respected technicians and fitters who deliver outstanding quality.

You can buy car wrap vinyl online, but the problem is that for DIY jobs you might end up inadvertently buying the wrong type of vinyl, not fitting it perfectly, so you end up with bubbles, or using the incorrect kind of heat, meaning the vinyl will split and peel.

  • Paint is Better at Hiding Sins!

If you’ve got a car that’s seen better days, and want to give it another run around the block, paint is a more viable option than a car wrap. Wraps are made from thin vinyl, so if you’ve got big old scratches and dents on your car, the wrap will adhere to these – often making them stand out even more!

Likewise, we’d never wrap any rusty panels, as it wouldn’t give a decent finish, and the adhesive would be very likely to rise again quickly. However, a spray job can be an option if you’re looking to patch over some tired looking paint, and make your car look a little fresher.

Advantages of a Car Wrap Over a Respray

Flipping round to the other side, let’s think about what benefits a car wrap might offer that make it an attractive option when weighing up the pros and cons with a respray paint job!

  • Faster Application, Simpler Process

Car wraps might be the more technologically advanced option; but they’re actually much easier and quicker to fit – as always, provided it is a team of experts doing the work! Usually, a wrap will take around three days or so, depending on what sort of vinyl you’re using, and how detailed the design is.

Resprays can take up to three weeks. The old paint needs to be removed, each layer will need to be left to dry, and it can take several coats to get the desired finish. With a wrap, the car will need to be thoroughly washed, wrapped, and heat-activated to apply the adhesive – simple!

  • Car Wraps Can Be Easily Removed

A decent quality vinyl wrap will last around five years or so. However, if you decide to sell your car, or change the look, you can take the wrap off just as quickly as it was applied. This means you avoid devaluing a vehicle by having permanent branding – or needing to pay for another respray before it is suitable for sale.

Paint jobs are permanent, whereas a wrap can be removed whenever you like.

  • Wraps are Low Maintenance

Maintenance is something we talk a lot about when it comes to keeping your 3M wrap or Avery wrap in good condition. Still, it’s really just about using gentle cleaning methods and avoiding harsh jet washers or extended periods in direct sunlight.

Paint, on the other hand, needs an investment of time if you want to keep it looking sparkly fresh; you’ll need to wash and wax it regularly.

The great thing about vinyl wraps is that, even if you’re a bit lazy when it comes to maintenance, the paintwork underneath remains protected from UV light and exposure to surface water, so when it’s removed the paint beneath will be as good as new!

  • More Customisation Options

Lastly, you’ll find that if you want a spectacular paint job, detailing or designs, you’re going to need to source out a vehicle artist; most spray jobs are literally that – a spray with a different colour. Car wraps are much easier to customise, with any kind of branding, logos, colours or imagery that take your fancy!

Bespoke printed vinyl panels can incorporate anything you can imagine; with metallic or textured finishes available for really unique cars.

What is More Durable – a Respray or a Car Wrap?

Longevity is as important a consideration as budget; if you’re spending time and money on wrapping or respraying your car, you’re going to want it to stay looking that way for at least a few years.

Like most things, the durability of both a car wrap and a paint job will depend heavily on the quality of materials used, and the skill of the person doing the detailing or wrapping. Paint that is low quality will usually last a couple of years or so, but an excellent paint job can last for decades; provided it is waxed, polished and cared for, that is!

It’s also vital to think about keeping your custom painted car out of direct sunlight and to take care of any damage immediately to avoid fading or long-term damage that might become a costly repair. Car wraps tend to last for around five years, although some superb quality wraps are designed to last for longer. This durability depends on where the wrap is applied, what sort of vinyl is used, and how frequently the vehicle is exposed to cleaning materials etc.

All in all, it’s up to you to decide how you’d like to customise your car – but for the Wrap UK team, it’s going to be a vinyl wrap every time!

    • Lower cost.
    • Quicker fitting.
    • Bespoke designs.
    • Easier maintenance.

What’s not to love..?

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