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One consideration when putting logos or fresh new designs on your car, van or truck, especially if you are including graphics and branding, is the car wrap costThe good news is that the cost has reduced down in the last decade or so and, with today’s modern printing techniques, is more accessible than ever.

Whether you are a small business or run a large fleet, or simply want to personalise your ride with a fresh new colour, vehicle wrapping is highly affordable and the finished effect (applied properly) looks absolutely awesome.
Here are some of the factors which can influence your car wrap cost:
Car Wrap Cost Broken Down

Vehicle Type and Size

One of the main factors is going to be the size of your vehicle. A car wrap is going to cost a lot less than a full wrap for a large van where more space needs to be covered and so more material is required. Different vehicles also present their own challenges so you may find that price varies depending on the model and make.

Type of Wrap

There are a few different ways to wrap a car or van. You may want a full wrap, particularly if you are changing the colour of your vehicle. You may only want what is called a half wrap where the design is worked into the existing surface of the vehicle.

If you run a business you may want to have specially tailored graphics that advertise your services or products, perhaps to fit on the side or back of a van. Graphics have the added cost of design and printing to fit perfectly onto your vehicle.

Type of Finish

The range of wrap finishes have also expanded over recent years and new innovations are constantly coming about. There are choices ranging from matt, gloss, and metallic finishes as well as different textures that can all help make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to strengthen your bodywork coat to make it more resistant and water repellent, you may want to take a look at our new ceramic coatings.

WrapUK Car Wrap Cost

Your car wrap cost is going to depend on several factors. What you choose for your vehicle is up to you, but each project will require a personalised quote for the work that needs to be carried out. To give you a general idea however, we’ve put together some of our guideline costs below for what you can expect to spend.

Please note that this is vague pricing, as the price of your wrap will depend on so many factors, including the wrap material used, condition of your vehicle, make of your vehicle (due to removable parts, number of panels etc) and of course the quality of the vinyl wrap provider:

Half wraps:

    • For small to medium-size cars from £895
    • For a large car from £1295
    • For a small to medium size van from £1295
    • For a large van from £1595
    • For a Luton van from £1695

Full wraps:

    • For a small to medium size car from £1495
    • For a large car from £1895
    • For a small to medium-size van from £1995
    • For a large van from £2395
    • For a Luton van from £2695

While it’s important to shop around for the best price, especially if you have a fleet of vehicles that need to be wrapped, it’s also vital that you look to work with an experienced professional business. Many garages and outlets offer car wrapping as an add-on to their regular services, and may not have the skilled staff who can deliver the quality and durable final result that you expect.

At WrapUK, we are established specialists in car and vehicle wrapping, and have a great reputation throughout the UK. Over the years we’ve helped wrap everything from taxis and wrap cars to trucks and buses. If you’d like to find out how our expert team can transform your vehicle or commercial fleet, contact us online or give us a call on 01243 908 007 to discuss your requirements.

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