Thinking of having your vehicle wrapped? When you get your vehicle covered in vinyl from Wrap UK you can choose from loads of different designs to get one that suits you. SO whether you want to promote your brand or just change up the look of your car, at Wrap UK we’ve got it covered!

Top Tips To Help You Choose The Right Vehicle Wrap Design in 2018

So what do you need to do to get the most out of your vehicle wrap? Here are some top tips to help you choose the right vehicle wrap design for you.

Know Your Vehicle’s Measurements

It sounds obvious, but you need to know your vehicle’s measurements before you order your design. Remember to think about whether or not the design is going to cover the rear windows or not, and make sure you allow sufficient space for them in your design. You’ll need to carefully measure the vehicle and take clear photos straight on from each side to help your designer.

Use Bold Text

You might think the fonts you have chosen look really cool, but are they easily read from a distance? Remember that few people will see the vehicle up close – it will usually be moving and amongst traffic so keep text big and bold to get your message across.

Address Your Brand

You spent a lot of time getting your branding right, so make sure your vehicle wrap reflects it. Branding is more than just a logo – it’s also about less obvious things like using the right fonts and the right colour scheme to send a subliminal message to your audience.

Use Bright Colours, Or Those Which Stand Out And Will Evoke Emotion

Moody, dark colours look cool – it’s hard to imagine Batman driving around Gotham in a dayglo pink Batmobile – but when it comes to a vehicle wrap design you need it to stand out. Most cars are dull colours like white or grey these days, so a bold, bright colour will make your vehicle stand out from the traffic.

Contrasting Colours Work Well

As well as brightness you must consider contrast. Contrast is the difference between colours that makes your text legible. Use colours which contrast well for backgrounds and text, to keep your message clear and legible.

Create Professional Looking Graphics

It’s worth spending the money on a professional designer to create the design for your vehicle wrap. You might think you can do it yourself, but a professional has more experience and a better idea of what works so it will save you time and effort in the long run.

Ensure Your Design Will Look Great From All Angles

Remember that people will see your vehicle whizzing past them on the road from all different directions. As well as people on the roadside seeing the side of the van or car as it drives past, think also about people following it on the motorway or seeing it in their rear view mirrors. An effective design will take all of this into account and make sure the message is clear no matter which way it is seen.

Vehicle Wraps form Wrap UK

For more information about vehicle wraps, and to find out just how cost effective a vehicle wrap can be as means of changing the look of a vehicle or getting a marketing message across, call us at Wrap UK. We are happy to help, and remember: whatever you want to achieve from a vehicle wrap, we’ve got it covered!